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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment
to diversity
& inclusion

We all want to feel included. We want to be accepted and respected for our unique perspectives, make meaningful contributions and bring our real self to work every day.

Anchored in the Saputo Promise, we strive to provide our employees around the globe with equal opportunities and a sense of belonging, regardless of their background, experience or beliefs. We believe it creates a better work environment, fosters individual and team growth and ultimately leads to better products for our customers. It’s also just the right thing to do.


Building a welcoming and diverse environment requires more than formal programs and initiatives. There are countless stories of employees jumping at opportunities, learning from their colleagues, and going out of their way to support one another. By understanding the unique needs of our employees, we can find ways to make sure diverse perspectives are included in ways that benefit our entire team.

Why does diversity &
inclusion matter?

Diversity and Inclusion matters because it brings people, perspectives and ideas together, building stronger bonds as individuals and a stronger Company.


It is about our uniqueness, similarities, and differences.


It is about embracing our uniqueness, similarities and differences to build a culture of acceptance, tolerance, equality and respect where all employees feel a sense of belonging.


It is about everyone feeling accepted and valued for who they are.

“I found myself in a difficult situation caring for family far away from work. Saputo was able to find and adapt a new job position and work location for me so that I could cope with this situation along with my family. I had the unconditional support of my coworkers along the way.”

Argentinian Employee
“I started at Saputo as an international student looking for a career change. I started part-time in the warehouse and they saw I was ambitious. It’s been four years now and I’ve moved up through three different positions. They provided me opportunities, and I took the challenge and worked hard. I hope I can inspire my daughter, I want to be an example – that you can do things, you just have to keep trying.”

Canadian Employee
“My manager doesn’t want to limit my opportunities to just my current department. They ask if I’m interested in learning about other departments and where I can see myself in years to come. They want to see me succeed, whether it’s in my current department or another one. It makes me feel like the Company is invested in me and makes sure I’m satisfied in my work.”

US Employee
“I came from nothing, and now I’m a manager because Saputo gave me a chance. No matter your background, if you’re hungry, Saputo will feed you.”

US Employee
“We have team meetings to discuss issues and the different projects that we are working on. I’m in a new role, so I’m facing challenges I sometimes feel I don’t have the experience to resolve. This group meeting gives me the opportunity to ask questions to help me and learn from others. A lot of my colleagues proactively set up time to go over certain things they think I should know. Nowadays, we also set up virtual coffee breaks, where we don’t talk about work. I feel I’ve worked with them for a decade!”

Canadian Employee
“ When I think about Saputo’s history and culture, I feel like I’m home. ”

US Employee
Harnessing and promoting the power of diversity
Comprised of employees from each division, with diverse representation, the council continues to promote a diverse and inclusive work environment. Through different initiatives, our goal is to further our impact and cultivate an environment that fosters diversity of thought, background, skills and experience, as well as facilitate a broader exchange of perspectives.
To make sure we’re doing everything to support our employees and promote an equal opportunity environment, we started hosting “VOICES”, events where employees can share their personal experiences and recommend actions. These events help us gather employees’ insights to validate and prioritize opportunities for enhancing our D&I while achieving our business objectives.

“Having such a diverse group with different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and personalities leads to rich discussions and powerful outcomes.”
Part of ensuring an inclusive work environment is equipping our leaders with tools to be inclusive in their leadership approach. Our leadership development programs aim to equip our leaders so that they can better support every person on their team and unleash their true potential.
As we continue to grow, we need to remain mindful of how our unconscious bias can impact the contribution of others. We introduced unconscious bias training in 2019 so our people managers are better equipped to recognize bias and improve our decision-making. Read more about this in our Case Study section.

“Some great eye-opening examples of our own biases – impactful.”
“Keeping this at the forefront of our jobs is very important.”

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