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At Saputo, we specialize not just in crafting fine cheeses, but in helping some of the country’s largest food manufacturers use them to make delicious, consistent products. With pride in our excellent customer service, we work with you to turn blocks and wheels of cheese into beloved household staples.

Conversion of Bulk Formats

Saputo’s fine cheeses come in a variety of bulk formats, from totes to large blocks, with no set quantities or weight restrictions. Whatever amount and format you need, we deliver.

Get cheese in bulk in any of the following formats:


• Blocks • Wheels • Shredded
• Pails • Half-wheels • Diced
• Crumbles • Loaves • Grated


Our master cheesemakers oversee the production of the perfect cheese and format for your products, while adhering to Saputo’s high quality standards and delivering on your expectations for performance and profit margins.

Culinary Concepting

Imagining a special ricotta mixture for ravioli or a new cheese blend for pizza? Whatever you dream, we can help you do. We’ll collaborate with you to come up with the best solution for your new product and ensure that it’s consistent with consumer taste preferences.  

Contact us to arrange an ideation session, and let’s get cooking.


The Saputo Product Performance Center, a state-of-the-art commercial culinary facility, is situated right next to our largest manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. Finished products can then go straight to the test kitchen to make sure they stand up to commercial applications.

Here, our culinary experts replicate real kitchen scenarios to understand how the products will perform in both commercial and home kitchens. With eight different pizza oven models from classic to innovative, we take our products’ performance seriously, ensuring perfect flavor and texture every time.


Learn more about our products and capabilities.