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Blue-Veined Cheeses are known for their unmistakable sharp, salty and pungent flavor. The experience we’ve gained as the leading manufacturer of this cheese type in the United States has ensured our collection delivers the highest level of quality and performance. Distinct features of Blue-Veined Cheeses during aging:

  • Starter mold cultures are first applied to each brine-soaked wheel of formed cheese curd.
  • The wheel is gently pierced, allowing oxygen to enter the cheese.
  • Where the oxygen and cultures merge, they bloom into flavor, aroma and veined texture we associate with Blue and Gorgonzola Cheese.

The younger, creamier versions are soft and feature a mild aroma. A longer aging process reduces the moisture level to produce a dense, earthy-noted and crumbly curd that’s perfect for dressings and other refrigerated and shelf-stable products.