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Efficiency through simplicity

Innate sound judgement;be consistently efficient and question the status quo;avoid over-analyzing situations and find concrete solutions to problems;gather necessary information and follow your instinct to make appropriate decisions.

A family-oriented environment

Treat colleagues as though they are members of your family; seek the well-being of colleagues and encourage their success ; respect colleagues at all times; listen carefully before giving an opinion ; work with others to achieve objectives and avoid creating any hierarchy.


Ownership and commitment

Be available to help others; assume the consequences of your decisions; understand the respect the company's culture; act with integrity; evaluate company expenses carefully and spend company dollars cautiously; use company materials and tools with the almost care.


A hands-on approach

Thrive to be in the field__ where the action is; be proactive; understand the company's general activities; care as much about practical aspects as you do about strategic ones; analyze implementation steps and methods; pay close attention to detail.



Able to motivate colleagues and peers; demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm; display vision and initiative; remain positive; capable of self-motivation; enjoy work and proudly slow it.